• Amy Nguyen

The Best and AFFORDABLE Nude Tights

I'll keep this short and sweet. This might be my favorite hack this winter. Two words: Hooters Tights.

Have you wondered how NFL cheerleaders and Hooters gals have the most perfect looking legs? It's because they wear these tights. The Tamara Calendar Girl Panty Hose Tights available in light suntan, suntan, dark suntan, and mocha (for all my melanin sisters about there!) are the official uniform tights of the Hooter Gals and many sport dancers. Costing only $3.69 per pair, they are a super affordable way to elevate your cold weather outfit! I've always hated how my legs looked in the winter when they're all pale and often times ashy, but these have been an amazing fix. They make my legs look sooo soft. Above I'm wearing them in light suntan and they look so natural on! They are also surprisingly strong and sturdy without feeling super thick. Oh and not to mention, they also keep your legs pretty warm!

Happy Shopping




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